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"Having had the pleasure of mastering a number of Chris's productions, I have come to expect an exceptional level of musical and creative talent, professionalism and kindness.
Not only does Chris have a true skill for getting the best out of a performer, he also knows how to build a complimentary sound scape around them, whilst making their songs stand out and be unique to them as artists.
Additionally, I have found some of the best producers often are drummers, and Chris backs up that theory by being a true master of this instrument. An excellent session player who will be able to play whatever is needed for the arrangement or style in question.

I continue to look forward to every project we work on together, and would fully recommend Chris to anyone looking to get the most out of their music and themselves as a creative in this industry.”

Chris Pavey | Mastering Engineer

Chris Morris is an exceptional MD, Producer, Drummer and Sound Engineer. He is the master of many skills. We met him through his brilliant work for The Kingdom Choir and trust him totally to advise and guide on all the work he has undertaken around the world on their behalf.

Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE | Chairman InterTalent

Worked with Chris over the past few years, his production idea’s and passion for musical excellence have never ceased to surprise me, delivering a unique, original and high level proffesional production is always paramount to the finished mix as well as making the whole process relaxed and enjoyable to work with.

Alan Branch | Mix Engineer

The Kingdom Choir have been privileged to have worked with Chris Morris in the capacities of co-producer (Stand By Me album) MD ( live tours and shows), drummer (live and recorded performances) and producer (Lullaby and Real Love singles). Chris sets the bar high, with an attention to detail that brings about excellence in all that he does. His drive for growth, development and improvement not only for himself, but for the choir also, ensures that we are able to deliver to the highest standards. We are grateful for his friendship as well as his musicianship, and we commend him as an outstanding talent who will bring class and professionalism to any performing outfit.

Karen Gibson MBE | The Kingdom Choir Founder & Conductor

 Chris Morris is best describe as ‘Par Excellence’ this description covers his professional attitude to being a drummer and producer’ as well his personality.
Having toured, recorded studio, live and TV with Chris holding down the metronome I am impressed with how precious and honouring he carries the music of the artist! 
He is one of the best drummers and fits easily into any genre of music giving passion and energy and always plays with a musicality that enhances the sound of any band.

Noel Robinson | Music Artist - International Worship Leader

"Chris Morris is the kind of musical drummer who plays to the song. He listens and gives a performance and contribution that creates nuanced and expressive rhythms. His approach to dynamics enhances arrangements in a subtle but effective way, something that is rare to find. He’s exactly the kind of drummer that appeals to my songwriting style which heavily depends upon personality, keen listening skills and reactive interplay, whilst also having the technical skill to execute musical ideas successfully. For me Chris has few equals in this area of musicianship and is a great example of how to play with superb feel, whilst also having the facility to offer a more musical approach to an arrangement when required. A fantastic musician I’m proud to share a stage with."

Yolanda Charles MBE | Professional Bassist - Songwriter

Chris Morris is easy to play with; he lays down such a crisp, soulful groove that as a musician, you can’t help but play your heart out - and that as a listener you can’t help but move to. Professionally all business yet personally down-to-earth and warm, Chris Morris is a force, spreading love and good vibrations while moving the musical bar of excellence ever higher.

Brian Jackson | Music Artist

Chris Morris is a skilful producer & mixer of The Kingdom Choir sound as well as Musical Director. Chris is an entrusted part of the team guiding the Choir especially in the big events.

On the videos we filmed with Gospel artist  Noel Robinson, Chris had diligently learned the drum parts & performed professionally.

Chris sets a high standard for all those working with him.

Les Moir | Integrity Music

Chris is a phenomenal drummer not just in feel, but in creativity and flair. I have booked Chris on numerous music projects and it's always been an absolute pleasure. He is easy going, adaptable and he brings a great energy.

He always delivers at a very high standard.

Patsy McKay | Founder AKlass - The Entertainers Agency

I’ve worked with Chris in various different capacities and he exceeded expectations in every role. Not afraid of hard work, Chris gets stuck in right from the very beginning and you know he will be at the end of the phone should you need him.

Pippa Wealthall | Artist Manger - Massive Management

Chris Morris is more than a drummer. Although his musical attributes as a producer, drummer and musician have had him sought after on many national and international platforms, Chris is a man of many facets. I have had the privilege to work with him on the UK and USA national tours with the world-renowned 2018 Royal Wedding Choir The Kingdom Choir. This professional platform has given me the privilege to work with Chris on many top TV SHOWS: Fox News, Today Show, Bride Of Britain, The Jonathan Ross Show, Invictus Games, Good Morning Britain. 

Chris has the ability to problem solve on high demanding projects under the working hats of: 
Producer & Co-Producer for The Kingdom Choir's International Album 'Stand By Me'. 
Stage Sound and Live Music Producer (For TKC's Live, TV and Arena productions). 
Music Producer for the Song written for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Baby Archibald Mount Barton' Lullaby'.
Music Producer for all of TKC's International TV Virtual Performances: Missguided, The Royal Ascot, One World Together At Home Concert, HTB Church, The UK Blessing and more

Personally, I cannot think of a scenario when a high-level solution was needed & Chris was not involved. Chris's has the ability to fuse his professional solution-based thinking, with his ability to communicate with a cascade of character types successfully. I believe there is no situation that Chris cannot deliver outstanding results.  There's a saying that says if your presence doesn't make a difference your absence will not either. When Chris is absent from a project, It is surely felt. He is a 'must-have' in the inclusion of all high-level productions.

Clinton Jordan | Singer - Motivational Coach - Vocal Arranger - Producer

Chris is a top quality music professional.
I have toured with him in the role of a drummer/MD and track programmer.
A highly versatile musician, I have done small shows were Chris has prepared tracks and played percussion to large shows with tracks, a four piece band and large gospel choir, with Chris at the helm musically.
His understanding of music and drumming prowess means other musicians respond to him, making him an effective MD. Chris also has great technical knowledge which helps him communicate effectively with local & touring audio staff.
Chris takes his work very seriously, but also has an easy manner and a great sense of humour. A pleasure to tour with.

Fin Tours | Tour Management

The first time I met Chris, his playing just blew me away and I knew I had to work with him.
He has precision and amazing feel, alongside serious technical skills and knowledge which combine to make him by far one of the best drummers I’ve ever heard. To have all that is one thing but to be such a lovely guy to have around as well just makes him a first call everytime!

Imaani | Professional Singer

Put simply, Chris is one of the finest all around musicians I know. Combining elite training with his natural gifting, he has had a huge impact on the music of The SoundHouse Band. We’ve allowed him to wear as many of his ‘hats’ that he desires and so have benefitted from his skills as a Drummer, Musical Director, Producer, Mix Engineer and even as a cake critic! The common thread has always been his professional, detailed and focused approach to the work. His keen ear and understanding of multiple genres of music mean good can always be great and great can be perfect, but never at the expense of fun. Chris is the cream of the crop. My only hesitation in recommending him would be that you might be taking him from us!

Otty Warman | Professional Singer - The Sound House Band CEO

Chris is one of the most creative, talented and sought after drummers I've worked with.
Whenever we get a chance to perform together he always brings his A game to the live shows.
Apart from being a charismatic and talented drummer he is very reliable and comes highly recommended.

Hil St Soul | Music Artist

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